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  • Leone Remastered


    March 30, 2013 by Leone Remastered

    Since the very beginning of this year,we have made many improvements in our wiki.We have made the main page a spectacular one.We have added templates so that users can use it.Guides are made for creating a beast.Information about Legendary Flora Beasts are provided.Some Legendary Beasts are made.Characters are being made.Fan-fiction is going on.Usable images are being uploaded.Many pages are being created.So,overall,its a lot much work we have done.But it is embarassing to see only 18   pages in the wiki.So,in one month,me must create 50 pags.Its a task.I want all users to work hard.They can also invite some their friends to join the wiki.This will automatically increase pages since users have to create beasts and characters.I am also thin…

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  • Leone Remastered

    Yo guys

    December 27, 2012 by Leone Remastered

    Hello guys. Though I am not available in the chat,I am always online editing.If you want to talk,you can come to beyblade wiki,I am online there most of the time.So,I just wanted to say this,creating Dark beast is also important.So work hard! :D

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