Striking Zeus
Lightning of Zeus
Type Resonance
Power Lightning
Evolution Limited
Element Lightning
Beast of User:ZenithXD
Striking Zeus,the Flora beast and gaurdian beast of Akura Lumino (ZenithXD) . Destroyer Hades is Striking Zeus's counterpart,i.e the dark beast form.


When Akura went on a vaction , a thunderstorm broke out . Forced to find shelter they went into an abanonded temple where pictures and carvings of beasts and monsters were everywhere.In the middle of the night Akura went searching for somthing to eat,as he was searching he found a giant crystal with a picture of a dragon carved inside of it.When Akura touched it it broke and a white flash of lightning hit Akura,While  Akura was left knocked out Zeus thought of becoming his gaurdian beast.When Akura awoke he was being curtled by Zeus,from then on he and Zeus have battled together.When Zeus was released so was Destroyer Hades.


When released Zeus was just a ghost of his former self,now he is blue,white,red,yellow.The wings are quite large and the nails help in counter-attacking.The beast has a shield-like structure on its chest which helps in gathering potential and defend it from attacks.The tail is a long one and has some spikes used for offense in combat battles.It is able to fly at any altitude inside the earth but not outside.


Lightning Force Kreig

Thundering strike

Storm Assault

Rushing Bolt 

Overall Performance:Edit

Attack : 86

Defense: 87

Balance : 82