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Type Clora
Power Soaring Air
Evolution Limited
Element Wind
Beast of Trainer Black,ZeroBladeX(Zero)
Rider is a Pegasus Flora Beast.This beast,though is not an Ulti-Clora beast,has a lot of potential,lot more than normal Clora beasts.This beast is owned by Zero (Trainer Black) and has many enimies,and many Clora-rivals.Legend Drago Kai,Ice Soul Pegasus, and Omega Phoenix,they all are the rivals of Zero and Rider.Rider is also sorrounded by the habit of not giving up like Zero.



The constellation of Pegasus

While Zero was on a tour with his friends,during night,he saw a Pegasus constellation,one of the 88 constellations in Greek mythology.Later,when he was sleeping,Zero dreamt that a pegasus came and and took him on itself and together they flew high above.Zero woke up from his dream and went to a jungle for walking.There,he saw a glass like crystal,and when he touched it,a real Pegasus beast came out,and became Zero's beast, Rider.[ It is possible that the pegasus was named Rider because Zero dreamt of riding it].


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Pegasus Beast

The pegasus beast,Rider is fully white coloured at first.The beast has a good speed and attack,but not very much Defense.When gradually,Zero releases his full power,the beast becomes larger in size,and there are some blue spots in the white body.


  • Pegasus Wing Attack
  • High Wind
  • Soaring Strike
  • Swift Race

Overall Performance:Edit