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The registration board is the place where you request to make your beasts registered.Unless they are registered,you can't battle with them.In the present case,Leone Kai is the registrator.Adding the Overall Performance is in the registrator's hand.


If you want to register your beast,then it must come without the following:

1.No grammar mistakes in the information is important.

2.The beast cannot have abilities of destryoying the opponent,or burning them,or just killing them.They have to perform special moves just to defeat them.

3.Special moves are allowed up to 6 in grade A+,10 in AA.To have a beast graded AA grade,it must be very powerful and make the registrator realize it belongs to a higher powerful level that A+.

How to register:Edit

You need to comment with your beast's name mentioned,and it will get registered in 48 hours.