Omega Phoenix
Type Ulti-Clora
Power Burning Fire
Evolution Limited
Element Fire
Beast of Gavin
Omega Phoenix is a very powerful beast. It belongs to Gavin. This beast's dark form is quite strong. It has a huge power and controls the Fire element. Due to the close realationship between both of them, Gavin can sometimes understand his beast talking.


Cave types lava caves

Rising Sun Cave

One day a woman met Gavin and told him to go to the mountain of the Rising Sun.When Gavin reached there he saw a cave and he went inside.When he reached the heart of the cave,he saw an amber as big as a five story building and the temperature was extremely hot. When Gavin touched the amber the whole room was covered in white hot flames.When the flames died, a magestic bird which was covered in flames appeared from the amber. The beast was as huge as the cavern, it's eyes were glowing white. The phoenix came in front and signalled for Gavin to climb on top of him.When Gavin climbed up to his neck the magestic bird rose and a huge flame blast came from his body and the top of the cave was broken-open. Gavin decided to  name this bird Omega Phoenix.


This Bird when is first released has red flames covering him and when he transforms into the second mode, he has blue flames and when he is in his third mode he has white extremely hot flames which helps to lessen the power of the opposite beast fighting it.When Gavin releases his power and it merges with Omega Phoenix's power. Then the bird becomes a combination of blue, orange/red and white flames. 


  • Flames of the Eternal
  • Olympus Flame
  • Fire of hell
  • Immortal flames
  • Black flames

Overall peformanceEdit






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