Leo Kai
Sasuke using Chidori
Beast Name Legend Drago Kai
Type Resonance
Beast Type Legendary
"Don't be afraid of battling,be afraid of standing still..."

                                                             -Leo Kai

Leone Kai is the founder of this wiki,and owner of the most powerful Legendary Ulti-Clora Beast,named Legend Drago Kai.He has many friends and his beast can share their ideas and can talk with each other.He is very kind and helpful and is there everytime whenever someone needs him.


Leo  has black hairs,pointing downwards and whenever he boosts his energy,they just lift up in the air and again come down after a minute or so.He usually looks quite serious during battles,and he never wants to give up easily.

During battles,he sometimes comes in rage,and sometimes just goes into the battle.When he was small,a wizard or so applied a cursed seal on his shoulder.This seal releases as Leo goes in rage.He has some Lightning powers of his own,and an ability called Sharingan.If Sharingan is uses in a battle continuously,it will start bleeding.The sharingan is an eye-technique.

Cursed Seal Mode:Edit

During this mode,Leo's hair grow taller a bit,and some wing like structure's develop,making his skin completely brown.Sometimes,a snake is seen developing from the left wing.


He's cool and calm at most situations. He cares deeply for his friends and has a strong passion for battling.He thinks well before going on for a move He is a strong tactician who is very adaptable especially during tough points in a battle and utilizes all his senses during battles. If angered,he does what he likes and crushes everyone who comes in his way.Nobody can do anything to him during that condition.


  • Zero-His best friend.
  • Zeus-Rivals and very good friends.
  • Fubuki-Almost best friends.
  • Aquila-Good friends.


  • Leo using his Lightning power during Cursed Seal Mode.
  • Leo using his Lightning Element powers.
  • Leo unleashing his hidden powers.
  • Leo's cursed seal mode having a snake in left.
  • Leo summoning Legend Drago Kai.
  • Leo's Full-powered Cursed Seal Mode
  • Leo's Sharingan