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Long Ago, There was the planet Terraria. It was full of Trees and Water and Air was present there. It looked just like Earth, a New, Green one. There were two mystical beings living there. They were: Light and Dark. They both were absolutely different from each other. Once, a Furious Fight began between them, and the Greenery and the Life of Terraria was Destroyed. Then, Terraria was a barren planet where there was just Oxygen which organisms need. Light and Dark Still lived, and was still fighting the furious Battle. Light fought for the Good and Dark fought for the Bad. Light created 12 Light Beings which were known as Legendary Flora Beasts, to fight against dark. Then, Dark, enraged at the minions, made dark copies of them to kill Light. They were known as Dark Beasts. The Minions and the Beings Fought until, both Light and Dark were exhausted and was dying. Seeing that their masters were dying, The beasts wanted to die too, as they were loyal to their masters. Before Light Died, it told the Flora Beasts that they would be born again, in the Earth, and they will be known as the Legendary Beasts. The Dark also told his minions that they would also be reborn and will destroy the Flora Beasts. Thus Said, Light and Darkness died. This was the Story of the Legendary Beasts. And that of the Once Green planet, Terarria too.


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