Legend Drago Kai
Dragon z
Type Legendary Flora Beast
Power Storm Wind
Evolution Unlimited
Element Wind
Beast of Leone Kai
Legend Drago Kai is the Legendary beast and is the most powerful.This beast belongs to Leone Remastered.This beast's Dark Beast form is also one of the most powerful beasts. It can evolve into many forms and has no limitation. So,that's why it is also known as Legendary Beast. There are 12 Legendary beasts in total.



The Crystal

Once, Leone Kai (Leone Remastered) went into a cave.He saw  a shining crystal-like thing.When he looked it closely,he saw a dragon like thing stored in it.And when he touched it,the dragon-beast came outside and became his possession.Leone Kai named it Legend Drago Kai.This beast becomes more powerful and powerful,but it is not the truth that it can always win.Chances of winning of this beast are higher.


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First Form

At first when released,the beast is black in colour and not so powerful as the second dragon.When Leone Kai releases his power,then the dragon transforms into the second dragon.It can transform into any form at any time.


  • Dragon Crash
  • Wyvern Crash
  • Wyvern Tornado
  • Dragon Crash Remastered(Kai)
  • Wyvern Crash V2

Overall Performace:Edit






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