Kohana Kimaiko
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Beast Name Rainbow Sun Angel
Type Sun & Darkness (Sometimes)
Beast Type Flora
"Try and try again to succeed..."

-Kohana Kimaiko

Is a first character of LovelyShuu. A private character so please don't edit her until you have a permission.


She was bullied much by girls who are jealous at her, when the time she moved, she is alone in her room and faints always, 10 days later when she woke up, she found her self different and returned back normal, 5 weeks after, she can control her dark side.


She is sunny and bubbly all the times, always serious in battles and never gives up. She always jump in her house. In her dark form, cold, harsh, alone and have something in mind all the times.


She had a height of 5'56ft high. Have a pale skin, brown hair that goes to her back and straight. Have brown eyes.


She wears yellow vest top, a white t-shirt inside, a yellow bow. A blue skirt and shoes of white. And wears a headband of color orange.

Dark FormEdit

She wears a grey flower on top right, have a dark yellow t-shirt with black trousers and shoes. She dosen't wear a head band anymore, she had ponytails at sides.

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