Kai Hiwatari
Beast Name Burning Phoenix
Type Resonance
Beast Type Flora
"Make good use of your oppurtunities when they come"

                                                                       - Kai Hiwatari

Kai Hiwatari is a protagonist in the fan-fiction Clash of the Warriors! and an editor and helper of this wiki.He has some Fire-Element based powers similar to his beast.He is kind and generous in normal,but during battle,he doesn't even gives a chance to the opponent.


Kai is a tall and muscular. One of his remarkable features is his hair and eye-color that changes from season to season. However his appearance of Summer fits the best , which is red eyes, light blue-purple bangs and dark hair. He is probably the battler who changes his outfits the most, though he frequently wears a tight tank-top with baggy pants that is mostly dark in color (black or purple) with colorful details (like yellow buttons and red strings).

He has a scarf and cobalt blue face-paint as a trademark, even though he doesn't wear his scarf in Spring, nor his face-paint while in school. Kai throws his scarf away when doing a special move as it is filled with weights. He has an earring on his left earlobe.

Kai's skin tone is light , however he is still considered pale either way. His arms are covered in scars in Winter, though they appear to have healed.


Kai is a proud and very confident battler who is willing to sacrifice everything to get what he wants, which he usually gets through hard work, sweat or steel-hard determination, though he doesn't seem to mind stepping on some toes on his way up. He is also a quiet and mysterious person. However if he at any time doesn't succeed in what he wants to do, he is very likely to feel down, and stay down for a while, in a depressed state, even willing to give up what he holds so dear, beast-battling. However when time comes he overcomes his defeat and rises stronger and even more determined than before.


  • Leo Kai- A good friend
  • Eagle- A friend
  • His beast which is his lifetime companion.


  • Kai going to summon Burning Phoenix
  • Kai using his Fire Element powers
  • Kai dropped his scarf to play his special Move
  • Kai unleashing his full potential