Diabolic Lion
Winged Lion!
Gender Male
Type Legendary Beast
Weapon Wings and Dark Power
Evolution Unlimited
Element Wind
Skill Speed and Defense
Diabolic Lion is one of the most powerful Dark beast.It controls the wind element whereas Legend Drago Kai controls air.Both are somewhat similar.The two beasts are the greatest rival of each other.The dark beast is able to destroy the world.Dark beasts can control themselves and do not need any owners.


Images (2)

Cave drawing

In the cave from where Legend Drago Kai originated,there was a painting of a lion roaring.During that night when Legend Drago Kai became the beast of Leone Kai,the painting shined and finally Diabolic Lion became alive.It can evolve any time.It's powers are also unlimited.


Winged Lion

Diabolic Lion's powerful mode

This beast has also two modes.At first,It is white coloured with a muscular body.It is very powerful and can't be beat down easily.And when it is found it is losing,gradually it powers up.And finally changes into it's powerful form.The beast can assume this form during any time of the battle.



Lion Drive!

* Ghost Lock Defense
  • Twin-Lion Boost
  • Lion Drive
  • True Twin Lion Boost
  • Lion Drive V2

Overall Performance:Edit