Destroyer Hades
Hades dragon
Type Shadow
Power Resonace
Evolution Limited
Element Shadow
Beast of ZenithXD

 Hades is the dark beast of Akura


While Striking Zeus became the light beast of Akura,Destroyer Hades was also released that very time.He is striking,ferocious and painstaking.He partnershipped with Dark Falcon and became a great friend.He is reliable and has good amount of stamina.But,due to his huge body,his defenses are greater than attacks.


When Hades first met akura he was nothing but a ghost of his former self but since he joined with Akura he became whole,the horns on his head allow him to refelct the attack right back at the attacker.The spikes on Hades's back makes it hard to pick him up and the wings can make big typhoons of wind to hurt the other beast.


Black plauge

Midnight screach

Shadow release

Underworld smash 

Demonic blaze

Overall Performance:Edit

  • Attack:84
  • Defense:86
  • Balance:79
  • Stamina:85