Dark Dragon Blazer
Type Legendary Flora,late becoming Legend Beast
Power Burning Fire
Evolution Limited
Element Fire
Beast of Aquila
Dark Dragon Blazer is a Dragon Flora Beast. It was found by Ryder (Aquila33) inside a Volcanic Crater.It is a Legendary Beast.


Once, When Ryder was passing through a Place full of craters in America, He found something shining and burning. When he touched that object, It burned even more but Ryder couldn't feel the heat. Suddenly the Flame rose upto the skies and the Mythical Beast Dragon Blazer emerged. But soon after that, Ryder was harmed by Diabolic Lion, So, Dragon Blazer gave Half of it's power to restore Ryder and turned into Dark Dragon Blazer. After this occasion, Ryder and Dark Draon Blazer's Bonds became very Strong.


At first when released, the dragon is in normal power. The Dragon's color can change from Dark Black to Slight Red according to Ryder's Battle Spirit.


  • Dark Dragon Claw
  • Black Destroyer
  • Dark Flame Claw
  • Flame Incinerator
  • Ultimate Move (Can only be used when both the dragon's and the user's powers are combines) Dark Dragon Ultimate Blazing Destructor

Overall Performance:Edit






  • Dragon Blazer When Emerged
  • Dragon Blazer Giving its Energy to Ryder
  • Dark Dragon Blazer
  • Dark Dragon Blazer
  • Dark Dragon Blazer in the City of Ghosts