Ryujin is a very powerful beast,his counterpart is aslo very strong as well.It has the power of wind.

Type Clora
Power Lightning Charge
Evolution Limited
Element Lightning
Beast of Akikaze


Orginally Ryujin was found as a fossil by a archaeologist but he found no interest in it,than later Akikaze moved to japan because of a job offer.When Akikaze was old enough too walk around japan by himself he decided to go into an old antique store were Ryujin was being mesmorized he decided to buy the fossil,a few weeks later he went for a walk to a mountain where ryujin awakened,ryujin transported himself to the mountain cave where Akikaze was,then he reavealed himself to Akikaze and told him that he  imprisoned himself after terraria was destroyed,Ryujin asked him if he would be his owner..Akikaze bewildered agreed,they have been partners ever since


  •  Terra Sky Volt
  • Sky Dragon Armada
  • Ryujin Dragon Armada
  • Sky Dragon Volt
  • Sonic Sky Shock

Overall PerformanceEdit






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