Burning Phoenix
Type Clora
Power Burning Destruction
Evolution Limited
Element Fire
Beast of Kai-XX
Burning Phoenix is the Clora beast of Kai-XX. This beast is one of the most powerful Clora beasts.It has the power of Fire.



The sign in the wall

Once,while roaming around in the forest,Kai-XX  came in front of a gate,which hade the sign given here.Kai just pressed the sign,which glowed and the gate opened.When Kai opened his eyes,he found himelf in front of a fire-like-ball.And then,the ball broke with a light glowing.And out came the Phoenix,which finally became Kai's beast Burning Phoenix.



Burning Phoenix

When the battle starts,the beast is burning in fire.As later,the bird changes into fully-fire-phoenix and charges with full energy.


  • Burning Fire Strike
  • Burning Rage Storm
  • Destruction Flame Arows
  • Burning Volcano


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