Angel of Darkness
Angel of Darkness
Gender Female
Type Dark
Weapon Sword of Light
Evolution None
Element Dark
Skill Shining Force
Angel of Darkness (暗闇の天使) is a warrior leaded by the Thunder Lord. She always follows her master, and could do anything to protect him.


Angel of Darkness is a light angel created by Thunder Lord, filled full of hatred and darkness. She was created by the Thunder Lord for the sole purpose of destroying all the beasts. She received the Sword of Light from the Shine God, and was then proclaimed as a warrior. She cares about Thunder Lord, so much that she could do anything for him.


Her purpose was to follow the Thunder Lord. And for that, directly, her purpose was to destroy all the beasts.

Special MovesEdit

  • Dark Ray
  • Shining Zone
  • Darkness of Light
  • Light from Above


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