Akura is a 14 year old male 


When akura was born his father Justun inazuma and mother Shazen inazuma were very nice and caring parents as Akura got older he developed a passion for mythology,his parents wanted him to do what he loved most,but at the age of 6 his parents got devorced for a whole entire month he said abosolutley nothing,because of this his spirit grew darker until his father came and asked if they would like go camping and thats when he met Zeus,a year later he met hades and decided he would be his dark beast,Akura was afraid that Hades would take over but akura learned to control Hades and from then on they battled together.


Akura weres a white robe,his hair is purple and so are his eyes,he weres white gloves and a tanish belt his pants are black with white stripes.